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AI-Powered Recruiting

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Have you ever wondered how AI can help address skill shortages and create faster, fairer and more talent-focused hiring processes?
Then we invite you to join our session on AI-powered recruiting.

In this Expert Lecture, one of the teams from our cross-organizational fellowship project will share their insights and outcomes with you.

Together with one of the teams from our cross-organizational fellowship project - with members from organizations such as Techem, Hapag Lloyd AG and Westenergie AG - and Hannah Wolters, Head of Customer Success at ada, we will explore the potential of AI in HR and recruiting.

  • Why should we integrate AI into our recruiting processes?
  • Step-by-step guide with examples to integrate AI into recruiting
  • Learnings from the cross-organizational initiative and how to leverage their collaboration efforts for internal projects and changes
  • Q&A session

Let's harness AI's potential to transform the way we find, evaluate, and nurture talent. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of your organization's hiring practices.

What is the session about?

Open Expert Lecture with ada

Date: October 24, 2023
Time: 2 pm to 3 pm (CET)
Language: English
Format: Virtual

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect and grow with the ada community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Dr. Lea Beiermann

Dr. Lea Beiermann is Science Editor at ada, focusing on how society, science and technology are shaping and affecting each other.

Fast-paced digitalization, evolving economic models, and rapid climate change mean that organizations must equip their employees with business-critical skills for a sustainable, digital future. This is where we at ada step in.

True to our motto "Growth rarely happens alone" we offer a place for collaborative learning, personal growth and professional development.

We guide organizations towards a more sustainable, digital future.

We offer the ada | fellowship: a one-year professional development program that upskills teams. Our unique approach combines collaborative online learning with practical, hands-on application in a cross-organizational community of learners.

Because growth rarely happens alone!

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Hannah Wolters

Hannah Wolters is Head of Customer Success at ada, leveraging her expertise in customer experience and innovation management to drive transformative initiatives across diverse industries.

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Explore the potential of AI & Recruiting

Within the ada | fellowship, a small cross-organizational group works together on tangible projects. In this Expert Lecture, they share the outcome of their new business solutions.

Learn from a cross-organizational team, how to start your AI-project in HR.